İsviçre İç Mimarlık Firması (Switzerland Interior Architecture Firm)

QARAQALEM interior architecture firm, which started its activities in 2004, has 15 years of market experience, working together with a turnkey project and implementation team in the field of interior architecture in Turkey and abroad. QARAQALEM is the leading “interior architecture” firm of our country, successful and idealist with its creative designs in the field of interior architecture. Since 2004, he has successfully carried out residential and office projects, cafe designs, villa designs, apartment designs. Until today, Qaraqalem Interior Architecture has successfully carried out many design and application services for domestic and international projects. Middle East, Africa and Turkey, both locals and has also done a lot of projects and implementation of our foreign customers and continue to do so. Germany, France, Italy, Uganda, Vienna, Libya, Qatar, Switzerland, Bahrain, Kuwait and Lebanon are some of the foreign countries we have worked with, and we are adding more strength to our strength every day in order to provide interior architecture services to the world.

İsviçre İç Mimarlık(Switzerland Interior Architecture)

Interior architecture is developing rapidly in all countries. People want to see everything in their home from furniture to accessories and colors to be harmonious and beautiful. Thus, interior architecture is growing and developing rapidly. People who wanted only comfort in the past now want elegance as well as comfort. Therefore, interior architecture firms have a lot of work. QARAQALEM As a Swiss interior design firm, please contact us via the WhatsApp support line on so that we can serve you.

İsviçre Kafe Restaurant Tasarımları(Switzerland Cafe Restaurant Designs)

Entrepreneurship is always a good idea, and if your business is food and customer service, then a small cafe or restaurant is a great option for starting a new business.
People often go to their favorite cafe when they are bored at home. The best place to meet friends and family is a cafe. Apart from the menu, a stylish cafe design is also important. Design is an important detail not only to see but also for the comfort of all guests. Points to consider for Swiss cafe restaurant design:
Tables and chairs, food preparation benches, outdoor furniture and umbrellas, audio and video systems, indoor and outdoor lighting and wall designs.

İsviçre Villa Tasarımları(Switzerland Villa Designs)

The number of family members who will use the residence, whether the villa is a house to be used in all seasons or a special quality house such as a chalet or summer house will be designed in line with the needs of our customers. For example, whether eating habits are in the kitchen or in the living room or a TV corner or fireplace request, etc. If family members have a disability or old age, whether they want an elevator for multi-storey buildings or how many bedrooms should be and whether they want a bathroom in them. Spatial solutions are created according to their needs.

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