Katar İç Mimarlık Firması (Qatar Interior Architecture Firm)

QARAQALEM interior architecture firm, which started its activities in 2004, has 15 years of market experience, working together with a turnkey project and implementation team in the field of interior architecture in Turkey and abroad. QARAQALEM is the leading “interior architecture” firm of our country, successful and idealist with its creative designs in the field of interior architecture. Since 2004, he has successfully carried out residential and office projects, cafe designs, villa designs, apartment designs. Until today, Qaraqalem Interior Architecture has successfully carried out many design and application services for domestic and international projects. Middle East, Africa and Turkey, both locals and has also done a lot of projects and implementation of our foreign customers and continue to do so. Germany, France, Italy, Uganda, Vienna, Libya, Qatar, Switzerland, Bahrain, Kuwait and Lebanon are some of the foreign countries we have worked with, and we are adding more strength to our strength every day in order to provide interior architecture services to the world.

Katar İç Mimarlık(Qatar Interior Architecture)

Having experienced a very rapid regional development in recent years, Qatar offers great investments, incentives and attractive opportunities in every field economically. In the last 10 years, Qatar has reached a leading position among the Gulf countries.
While the investment share of 200 billion dollars is allocated for the FIFA 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar, we are an interior architecture firm that continues to work in the fields of katar interior architecture service, katar villa designs and katar cafe restaurant designs by taking part in the architecture of Qatar.

Katar Kafe Restaurant Tasarımları(Qatar Cafe Restaurant Designs)

As a Qatar interior architecture firm, you need to find the right place for you and tell us your dream for its interior architecture and decoration for the cafe restaurant you are planning to open.
Your customers coming to your restaurant and cafe will be interested in the design of your place as well as with the taste of your meals. As well as the deliciousness of your meals, comfortable designs suitable for all ages are among the issues to be considered. The fact that your meals are delicious as well as your space design reflect you will increase your customer portfolio day by day.
As QARAQALEM interior architecture firm, we satisfy our customers with our designs with our meticulous and timely turnkey approach.

Katar Villa Tasarımları(Qatar Villa Designs)

As QARAQALEM Qatar interior architecture firm, we apply an architectural design that emerges from the combination of classical and modern art rather than the standard architecture of the Qatar. We direct our design in unity with the fabrics we use, the sculptures we choose and apply, and the patterns chosen by our customers.
We provide you with a unique experience by reflecting your lifestyle and personality to the villas, apartments and residences you will live in. All you need is a visionary interior designer. As the expert of our business, we offer you a unique interior architecture service. As QARAQALEM Qatar interior architecture firm, the main reason for being the most sought-after architecture firm is that we offer a unique experience to our valued customers.
We enable you to use every area of ​​your home by producing solutions suitable for its potential. We create a project where you can see the final result of the villa, house or apartment design you will live in, and seeing the harmony of the textures, colors and materials with each other with this project is an application that you can see with the naked eye before you start working.

As Qatar (Qatar) interior design firm, our ideal for qatar villa designs, apartment designs and residential designs; It is perfection, quality and prestige.

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