What is Interior Architecture?

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What Is Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture deals with the art of designing and constructing a space. Interior architecture is also known as the designing of a structure or a dwelling from inside out, or simply the layout of an interior for some sort of residential property that is not built yet.

Interior designers are responsible for creating the visual aspect of any space so that it meets its purpose and enhances the comfort of its users. These designers may work in conjunction with architects, decorators, or even painters depending on how much involvement is desired by the client.


interior architect

Field of Interior Architecture

The field of interior architecture encompasses several subtopics. This includes the discipline of formulating spaces according to their functions and utilities. This involves a lot of planning and coordinating activities between an architect and an interior designer who will create the plans and blueprints for the interior architecture itself. These plans will be based on the specifications and tastes of the client who is paying for the construction. Interior architecture is therefore a combination of art and science, which involves many other disciplines as well.

The most important areas of focus for interior architecture are the structural details and the materials used. Materials that are used in such interiors are chosen according to their durability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. They should also be easily maintainable and fireproof. Architects and contractors usually work together in order to achieve the best results.

Another interesting aspect of interior architecture is its relation to the existing buildings. This is usually seen when the architects have to adapt designs to fit into already-constructed structures. The designers must therefore first analyze existing buildings to find out what their pros and cons are. Once this is done, they can then determine the best possible designs that will not destroy the aesthetic appeal of the existing buildings while providing an environment that is safe, comfortable, and attractive.